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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

WCF - The type name ServiceReference1 does not exist in the type Namespace.ClassName

This is a short blog post about a strange error when adding a WCF service reference. A WCF service was created and I wanted to add a service reference to a client project. I added the reference through Visual Studio and everything went fine until I compiled. Then I got this error:

Error    1    The type name 'ServiceReference1' does not exist in the type 'FeedbackCustomControl.FeedbackCustomControl'    D:\RND\ExcelApplication\FeedbackCustomControl\Service References\ServiceReference1\Reference.cs    146    46    FeedbackCustomControl

I found that this is caused by me having the same namespace name as class name (FeedbackCustomControl.FeedbackCustomControl = Namespace.ClassName). Change your namespace to a name that is not the same name as your class and this will compile.

Happy Learning..... :)

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